Maha Nature

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240   |   216   |   10 Sticks Each

Description: Lavender - Beautiful fragrance and colours of Lavender flowers are known worldwide. Lavender is widely used for cosmetic products and medicines in large scale. "Lavender" dhoop sticks shall create a beautiful aura free from stress, rest, peace and bliss.
लेवेंडर - लेवेन्डर पुष्प का रंग और सुगन्ध विश्व प्रसिद्ध है। लेवेन्डर का भरपूर उपयोग सौन्दर्य उत्पादों, औषधियों में होता है। शाँति, विश्राम, आनन्द का वातावरण निर्मित करने वाली है "लेवेन्डर" धूपबत्ती।


Key Features:
  1. Dry Dhoop Sticks.
  2. 10 Sticks in each packed in mono carton with stand.
  3. Each Dhoop Stick is 10cm long.
  4. Bamboo & Charcoal Free.
  5. Feel the pleasure with a pleasant aroma.
  6. Beautiful Natural Fragrance.

Brand Maha Nature
Fragrance Sweet & floral
Pack Type Mono Carton with Stand
Pack Preference Multipack
10 Sticks Each
Weight: 204 gram