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Maha Health Privilege Card Information Form

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For Family 150/- per subscriber.

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I, have applied for the 'Maha Health Privilege Card' of Maharishi Vedic Health Centre. I further confirm that I have read and I agree with all the terms & conditions for having the 'Maha Health Privilege Card'.

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  1. Validity of cards shall be two years from the date of issue. After 2 years, cards shall be renewed with contribution of Rs. 100 for the period of next 2 years.

  2. Card Holders shall receive up to 20% discount* on Online or offline consultation with one of Maha Herbals approved Vaidyas, up to 20% discount* on Maha Herbal Medicines, OTC products, Panchkarma treatment at Maharishi Vedic Health Centre/clinics, Health, and Spiritual activities/courses/seminars and workshops.

  3. Maharishi Health Privilege Card also entitles you up to 15% discount on Some of Maha Nature’s Products and Bliss Clothings Products.

Forwarding charges : For Single Card 75/- each and for Multiple Card 50/- each.

*Terms and Conditions Apply. English Hindi