Maha Nature

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Description: Gulab - Rose is known to be the King of all flowers. Presence of Roses, its beautiful attractive look and fragrance creates intoxicating, beautiful, soft effect and feeling of love in atmosphere, "Gulab" dhoop sticks help to enliven a new awakening of these beautiful qualities in mind and heart.
गुलाब - गुलाब पुष्पों का राजा है। इसकी अनेक रंगोंमय उपस्थिति व मोहक सुगन्ध सम्पूर्ण वातावरण में मादकता, प्रेम, सौन्दर्य व लावण्य का जागरण कर देती है। "गुलाब" धूपबत्ती अपनी भीनी-भीनी सुगंध से वातावरण में एक नवीन जागृति की द्योतक होगी।


Key Features:
  1. Dry Dhoop Sticks.
  2. 10 Sticks in each packed in mono carton with stand.
  3. Each Dhoop Stick is 10cm long.
  4. Bamboo & Charcoal Free.
  5. Feel the pleasure with a pleasant aroma.
  6. Beautiful Natural Fragrance.

Brand Maha Nature
Fragrance Sweet & floral
Pack Type Mono Carton with Stand
Pack Preference Multipack
10 Sticks Each
Weight: 204 gram