Maha Nature

20   |   10 Sticks

Description: Guggul - Guggul is famous for its unmatched fragrance, for creating pure atmosphere and for its medicinal values to treat number of diseases. "Guggul" dhoop sticks shall help bringing purity of inner and outer spiritual atmosphere in life.
गुग्गुल - गुग्गुल को वातवरण की शुद्धि और अनेक रोगों की चिकित्सा में उपयोगी माना गया है। "गुग्गुल" धूपबत्ती अन्तःकरण एवं बाह्य वातावरण की शुद्धि कर निरोगता एवं अध्यात्मिकता का क्षेत्र निर्मित करेगी।


Key Features:
  1. Dry Premium Dhoop Sticks.
  2. 10 Sticks packed in mono carton with stand.
  3. Each Dhoop Stick is 10cm long.
  4. Sickness and purification of the environment Build spirituality.
  5. Bamboo & Charcoal Free.
  6. Beautiful Natural Fragrance.

Brand Maha Nature
Fragrance Sweet & floral
Pack Type Mono Carton with Stand
Pack Preference Singlepack
10 Sticks
Weight: 17 gram