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40   |   1 Unit
Single Line

Description: Blissful Stationery Excellence notebooks are of more than 150 varying types and sizes for catering all the needs of the students and other users including notebooks, long books, practical books, drawing books, graph copies, registers etc. Blissful Stationery's main concern is to provide informative and inquisitive cover pages in different designs to not only arouse the interest of learning amongst the students but also to give them variety of options for choosing colour or picture as per their interest and liking. The paper is eco-friendly with least use of chemicals during the production process.


Key Features:
  1. Blissful Stationery Excellence notebooks are made keeping in mind the interest of students and other users with highest quality whiter, brighter and smoother paper.
  2. The cuts and finish is excellent and perfect.
  3. Cover pages are beautiful and inspiring.

Brand Blissful Stationery
Material Paper
Item Dimensions 18x24 cms
Included Components 4 Notebooks
Country of Origin INDIA
1 Unit
Weight: 210 gram
Single Line