Maha Nature

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Benefits: Pure, Healthy & Tasty.

Description: Amla Murabba is made including the contribution of sweet of Amla. It is also a rich source of vitamin C. Amla Murabba has been blended with ingredients like Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and sugar. They are absolutely amazing and good to get the clutch of our taste. The benefits of in taking Amla Murabba is good for curing many diseases.

Benefits: Pure, Healthy & Tasty.
Key Features:
  1. 100% Vegetarian.
  2. Pure, Healthy & Tasty .
  3. Home Style Taste.
  4. Highest Quality of Amla Murabba for Joyful Taste.
  5. Best Before 12months from the date of packing.

Brand Maha Nature
Fragrance Amla
Pack Type Jar
Pack Preference Single Pack
1 KG
Weight: 1000 gram
Storage: Store in cool & dry place.